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It’s been about a year now since I decided to moved on, not only from my home city, but also from working in the same matter as I used to. Going from running my own company, to studying again, has been some transition. But ever so slightly I’m starting to feel at home in my new shoes and embracing the fact that there’s nothing stopping me from doing any project that I want to make.

The absolute first step however had to be making a new homepage. A place for me to share whatever I’m up to, in a way that works for just about any kind of media. My previous one had a very corporate kind of feel, and whilst that served its purpose back then, it has now played out its role, as I currently do little to no corporate films.

That brings us to the next subject…

Explaining whatever you’re up to. Upon prompted I usually say ”User Experience”, as to me, that’s the most conventionalized way of explaining whatever I’m up to. However, no matter how conventionalized, nobody really knows what it is. And from that point, I cannot in a simple matter break down what I’m trying to achieve.

As of now, I have yet to picked out a niche. And while I think working with web design in a UX matter feels kind of rudimentary, it’s without doubt the most relatable way to explain the subject. “To find out the psychology behind what makes web pages easy – or not so easy to use, and then applying it for better usability”.

However, there’s so much more to it. The user experience, our experiences – can be of just about anything. What makes us go back to that certain restaurant? Is it only the food, or is it the overall experience of being there? That the concept of the restaurant is in perfect coherence with the perception of ourselves?

Whilst I’m not delusional enough to think that I will find all the answers, I am in no doubt that we do need more people thinking about and to some extent understanding these things, so we can create sustainable designs for the future via viable design frameworks. To create new foundations and staying on top of things – not always looking back on established conventions for comfort. No matter if it’s a pizza ordering app or how the self-driving car delivering the pizza should behave towards pedestrians whilst delivering it to you.

And we have yet to touched…

How and why. For those who read this and do not know me; about a year ago my main occupation was as a freelancing video editor. And on the side, I worked at a community college as a media teacher, at an arts gallery, as well as in music; hosting clubs and open-air parties. I did what I loved, and in many ways, it was a very rich life.

However, I stood with one foot in arts and the other in media and was very torn between them. On the one hand I had jobs with a lot of freedom that I truly enjoyed, on the other I did extremely mundane jobs where money, time and conventions for the sake of conventions always was at the center of attention. But those jobs also made sure that I got by.

I started to see that there was no future for me in neither of the paths. I scrapped my old thoughts of niching myself to heavy post production for high end cinema, and started to look into the concepts of ”interaction design” and ”creative technologism”.


I found many things inspiring during this time.


To further explore technology, designing solutions in terms of making things simply visually appealing, or appealing in other ways. In combination with a more in-depth conceptualization of reality and our behavior. As an attempt to move to the more innovative side of productions, rather than the more conservative I was making a living of by then.

From that point there were no clear, given paths. You could go down the art route, design school, computer science – or as I eventually chose, Cognitive science; the interdisciplinary field of computer science, psychology, neuro science, linguistics and philosophy.

A year has passed

And I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Now that this site is live, I’m finally able to write about the plethora of things I’ve been wanting to write about for some time now. In time I will also pick up some projects and share them here as well.

For now, though, you can always have a look at what I’ve done in the past, if you haven’t seen it already.

See you around!

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