The ever-evolving web

These last few days I have for undisclosed reasons been scavanging the web for good but reasonably priced kitchen-ware, ranging from knives to microwaves. And one thing that hit me was, no matter if the shops were having somewhat good scores, some of them really looked like shit.

Not necessarily in the sense that they were ugly – but rather so horribly arranged, crammed and illogical. Sites that I could have coped with a few years ago but due to the competition of today I just moved on to the next site that was a few crowns more expensive, but with the added bonus of being understandable without effort. Which shows that the tolerance for such mistakes, even for me that’s a very experienced internet-user has dwindled.

That some shops look like this in certain fields may not impact sales that much though, as their demography probably care more about price, delivery rates and times etc. (assumption). But I can’t help to think it’s a bit of a lost opportunity.

Apart from highlighting the importance of UX and UI design, and the possible loss of sales when there’s lack there of, it also highlights something that I think will become more common. Lets call it the ever-evolving web. Where shops and other commercial entities build sites that can be continuosly adjusted and added upon.

Making sites more like services, continuosly in touch with today, rather than a product of yesterday. And this then by making a solid framework from the beginning, where future content-makers will most likely also be more tech-savvy and web-oriented. This will of course be costly and probably exclusive to (the future) market leaders until cheaper solutions that automate such things are made available.

But a reason I have to believe that it will be this way is thanks to guidelines like WCAG and the general effort for usability and emotional design that the big players put into their products, which will make everything else look less modern and less usable, unless they keep up.

Needless to say, if you’re not the market leader or at least in the same league as the market leader in terms of design, you’ll most likely slip behind the competition.

This also goes hand in hand with digital agencies such as Sapient’s efforts with incorporating digital at the core of a company’s business. (Source: Sapient Razorfish)

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