I used to work a lot with film.

It kinda looked like this...

Honorary awards for short films
Years ago when I first started creating digitally
Commercial film productions
Hours in teaching media

You can still contact me about video work.


Have a look at what I'm up to now.

Emotional Design
I am currently learning more about the concept of designing not only usable, but also enjoyable experiences.
User Experience
I am conceptualizing a synthesizer in the way that a beginner would have wanted it to be. Follow my blog to learn more about the project.
Virtual Reality
I am from time to time working on a short film/game combo that will hopefully be released next year. More info TBA.
Web Apps
I am currently working on an undisclosed web application for data visualization, written from the ground up by the project team.

I also like music a lot.

So I've managed some events...

Here's some music that currently feels just right...

On the way to the next techno party

During those esoteric days

When you're on top of things

During those special moments