What I do.


No matter if the mission is to do a needs analysis by interview and concept coding, an A/B test of something nitty-gritty, or finding and compiling key insights in academic reports - it is completely up my alley.


Some call it User Experience, some say IxD, and others simply stick with "someone that keeps track of the obvious". With my background in Cognitive Science, I am, amongst other things, that someone.


I uploaded my first edited video on Youtube in 2006. Since then, I've created tons, won some awards, worked in commercial film production, 3D/Animation, L&D, and even event management. I also make music.


I thrive in developing technical solutions, and solving logic problems when I create, which has made me delve into a fair share of Python scripting, Unity interaction programming, and quite a lot of the usual HTML/CSS/JS combination.


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