Makings of atmosphere

Makings of atmosphere

I’ve been involved in my fair share of events, and one of the things I enjoy the most about it is setting the atmosphere by lighting and visuals. Here’s some excerpts from KVIT 2019, where I designed and directed the audiovisual experience. Each topic on mainstage had their unique color scheme, shapes and audio which was cued 15 minutes before each talk. The intent was to prime the audience into a specific mood that related to the topic that the speaker was going to talk about.


The themes were:

Daring Technology

The most technologically focused theme, suited for highly technological, futuristic and slightly edgy topics.


Meaningful Future

A slightly toned down variation of Daring Technology, suited for topics where the future is bright or “soft”, for example in the convergence between AI and healthcare.


Warm Communication

The most humanistic, and organic theme, suited for topics about language, culture and communication.


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